The quality of webpage content has an effect on how search engine crawlers index a webpage. Also, the degree of interlinking between websites with a similar focus plays a large role in how search engines perceive them. Link building has become a popular technique in search engine optimisation. It provides an analysis of inter-document connections and quantitative analyses of the link structure. Search engines' crawlers visit webpages in order to evaluate their respective value in terms of quality, uniqueness and content richness, thereby listing them in accordance to their ranking on a search engine result page. Link wheels are identified as one method of significantly improving this ranking of commercial websites. However, some SEO practitioners maintain that link wheels should not be implemented, since they waste time to create. This raises several fundamental questions that form the basis of this research.


Zuze, H. & Weideman, M. 2012. Application of link wheels to improve search engine ranking of commercial websites. Working Paper. Presented as a M&D Conference Paper at SAICSIT 2012, Pretoria, South Africa. 1 October 2012. http://cput.academia.edu/MeliusWeideman/Papers

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