Search engine optimisation can directly assist a business not only with its online marketing campaign, but also with generating revenue.

Website usability is just as important as SEO, as proven in prior research. However, the two concepts individually are hardly ever applied correctly to its full potential. This research project investigated how SEO elements and WU variables can be applied to a single website simultaneously, without resulting in degradation of service by either of the two concepts.

In the first article the author attempted to identify the WU variables that are in contradiction to SEO from a WU perspective. The WU variables identified were then applied to a new website ignoring all contradictory SEO elements.

The second article the author attempted to identify the SEO elements that are in contradiction to WU from a SEO perspective.

Research results were then utilised to create a fused website usability and search engine optimisation model.

The author’s previous research findings have resulted in an updated SEO model, which was developed as a framework to improve website visibility in general.


Visser, E. Fusing website usability variables and on-page search engine optimisation elements. 100% Research thesis by article, part time, Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Graduated 19 April 2012.

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