• 01Emma Coleman opening the AISSAC 2016 seminar.
  • 02Prof Michael Myers reading his keynote on ethnographic research.
  • 03Alta van der Merwe discussing the way that Universities are including Data Science in their programmes.
  • 04Hossana Twinomurinzi reading a paper on action research.
  • 05Jan Mentz chairing the AISSAC seminar (with Hossana Twinomurinzi).
  • 06The AISSAC 2016 seminar attendees.
  • 07Prof Michael Myers and Dr Leif Scheuermann, keynote speakers.
  • 08Prof Michael Myers and Dr Leif Scheuermann, keynote speakers, with Jan Mentz (seminar chair).
  • 09Dr Leif Scheuermann reading his keynote on digital hermeneutics in IS with Jan Mentz
  • 10Kirstin Krauss presenting on
  • 11Presenters: Michael Myers, Alta van der Merwe, Jan Mentz, Leif Scheuermann, Kirstin Krauss.
  • 12AISSAC Workshop Panel (Innovative Approaches to Information Systems Research)
  • 13Dr Izak van Zyl introduces the panel on Innovative Approaches to Information Systems Research
  • 14Panel discussion on Innovative and Transdisciplinary research in Information Systems
  • 15Emma Coleman delivering the President's report
  • 16The AISSAC 2016 Board
  • 17Jan Mentz chairing the AISSAC seminar


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